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Trade-In Your Test Drive

Test drives are the worst part about buying a new car, but a necessary part of making a purchase decision. So, how do we get people behind the wheel of an ID.Buzz?

Easy. We’ll tap into the ethos of their most iconic vehicle (the VW Bus,) and transform test drives into road-trip experiences, bookable on the all-new VW Buzz Category on Airbnb. 

Get Out Of Town:

We'll target drivers in busy city centers by positioning the test drives as an excuse to get away. 
get lost.png
cropped switch gears.png
cropped view finder.png
cropped, take ahike.png
touch grass vertical.png

Test-Drive Takeover:

We'll also target people looking for a new vehicle with a takeover of VW's homepage.
VW homepage.png

The VW Buzz Category:

The VW Buzz Category will feature decked-out custom Buzzes ready to book for road trips.
airbnb fleet.png
All Buzzes will come equipped with the essentials for a few weeks on the road.
airbnb description.png

VW Experiences:

Road trips can be customized by signing up for VW's Airbnb experiences. 
final experiences mock-ups.png


These adventures will be led by travel influencers who will share the adventures on social through a series of IG Reels. 
VW Reels.png

Road Trip Rewards: 

At the end of the trip, everyone will be able trade in the miles they racked up for a discount on their down payment for their own VW Buzz. 
Dashboard Mock.png

Collaborators: Anisha Yagnik, Tommy Aliota, Madeliene Dodson.

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