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Sour Patch Kids

Kids Are From Mars

Sour Patch Kids were designed to look like Martian Men to tap into the space craze of the 70s. So, when the Kids started getting stale on shelves, we decided to stage an abduction from their alien ancestors. 

Campaign Launch: Abduction

Flying blimps shaped like UFOs will hover over grocery and convenience stores. 

Giant replicas of Sour Patch Kids will be suspended below. 
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TV: This Just In

To spread the news nationwide, Lester Holt reports live on the scene in a chilling News Report. 

Digital: Amber Alerts

We'll recruit humans for help by sending out push notifications that look and sound like amber alerts. 

Social: TikTok Found Footage

The Martians will take over Sour Patch Kid's TikTok and roll out a series of shorts that brag about their exploits. 

OOH: SOS Crop Circles

We'll create S.O.S crop circles in recognizable fields to showcase the kids are trying to come home. 

Special Edition Flavor Launch:

After a successful rescue mission, (and alien experimentation,) the kids float down to stores nationwide debuting a new hue and flavor.
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CW: Claire Mirsky
ADs: Santiago Doce, Andre Parsons
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