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Who's For Dinner?


To persuade people to join the cause to end speciesism, (the belief that humans are superior to animals,) we first had to break the double-standard. 

Humans are technically animals, so when humans consume animal products they're basically practicing cannibalism. To serve up this truth we'll open a high-end bistro that doesn't sugarcoat what's on the menu. 

You're Invited:

Influencers and celebrities known for their consumption of animal products, (orally or otherwise,) will be invited to opening night. 

Grand Opening Announcement: Bone Apetit

To build buzz, Jamie Oliver will announce to his 9.3 million IG followers that he's currating the menu for Le Bon Corps. 

The Menu: Excuse Our French

Fine-dining delicacies don't sound as disgusting when disguised in French. We'll add some translations for anyone who bothers reading between the lines. 

Social: Post Your Plate

Guests will be encouraged to post their plates so their followers can share in the experience. 
230709_PETA SOCIAL.png

Final Course: Serving Just Desserts

If anyone missed the hint before, the dessert menu features delectable dishes made entirely of "human body parts."
A dessert cart will simultaneously be wheeled around with sweets that look like human organs.

The Reveal: Reality Check 

To put an end to the confusion and chaos, PETA serves a reality check.

Leave Behind: Body Bag Leftovers

As people scramble out the door the maitre'd will hand out body bags for leftovers.  
Screen Shot 2023-07-09 at 11.59.35 AM.png
CW: Claire Mirsky 
ADs: Madeleine Dodson, Sofia Arabena
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