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Dog Days Of Summer

Dogs often don't get the socialization they need during the hottest days of the year, or the Dog Days of Summer, because their humans don't want to go outside. This term was coined "The Dog Days" because of the constellation that appears in the sky, Canis Major.

To help people and their pups chill out, we'll invite them to a festival held under the stars in a city where it's sweltering. New York. 

Starry Station:

To create buzz, we’ll hijack the ceiling at Grand Central Station with twinkling lights in the shape of the Canis Major constellation. 

Sidewalk of Fame: 

To target dog-walkers we'll add stars to the sidewalk in Central Park with the details for the event. 
221204_BlueStar_South Lawn.png

Event Activities:

When the event begins a variety of attractions will unfold for humans and dogs alike.
Live music, food trucks, training, play time, and star-studded activites. 

Dog Tarot:

We'll strengthen the pet-person bond with custom tarot cards designed to get people closer with their furry friends (click to flip.)
The Star.png
The Empress.png

Dog Auras:

The Fool.png
Poloroid cameras will capture the auras of dogs up for adoption so humans can determine if they'd be a good fit to bring home. 

Treat Bags:

At the end of the night, humans will be given a bag of "Dog Stars" dog treats, with ingredients to help even the most tiresome pups chill out. 

CWs: Claire Mirsky, Cam Christman 
AD: Madeliene Dodson 
Designer: Claire Van Ryzin

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