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Beauty Hack

Drink Today. Save Face Tomorrow. 

BACKGROUND: We were asked to launch NotHangover, a new anti-hangover shot proven to reduce at least 70% of hangover symptoms, to party animals & tech nerds in the US.


INSIGHT: Being hungover doesn't just mean feeling lousy, it means looking terrible.


IDEA: We'll position NotHangover as the ultimate "beauty hack," helping people look and feel their best after a wild night out. Available for early access at the most exclusive tech conference turned NotCo-sanctioned party of the year. The Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas.


The CES conference is only for authorized media or tech personnel.  So, we’ll invite tech and beauty influencers to give tutorials on how people can hack into the conference.
240527_TechTok update.png

VIP Access:

Eyeshadow swatches will function as wristbands, unlocking access to the conference and a specific NotHangover flavor that correlates to the colors they chose.

Beauty Bar:

Instead of a booth, NotCo will install a "Beauty Bar," equipped with beauty and party essentials. Including a DJ, free drinks, and makeovers from NotCo's glam squad. 
Guests will pick-up their NotHangover shot at the bar to "pre-game," before they get their first drink. 
beauty bar  w_ makeup.png

Beauty Secrets:

Forget about “what happened in Vegas, stays in Vegas..." We’ll have partygoers share their filter-free selfie on their stories the next day. 
CW/AD: Claire Mirsky
Strategy: Claire Mirsky, Tommy Aliota
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