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Diablo IV

Hell In Heels

To launch Diablo IV for a new generation of gamers we wanted to honor the baddest boss in the game, Lilith. 

In the lore, she was banished by her angel ex-boyfriend for bad behavior. Now that she’s back, we’ll help her gain a cult following on earth as an evil influencer. 

Let There Be Blood

Lilith will make a dramatic entrance on earth with a series of stunts. 
Filling up iconic fountains with blood,
"destroying" public property,
and once we've stirred up enough controversy (and press,) Lilith will be revealed to the world.

She's Taking Over

Lilith will continue her takeover on Diablo’s social media accounts, parodying an obnoxious influencer to gain dark followers. 
She'll also make waves on Twitch by "destroying" top Twitch streamers who play rival games.


As Lilith gains influence in pop-culture, she’ll be featured on top magazines in newsstands and at grocery store checkouts across the country.

Signs Of The End-Times

In light of Lilith's takeover, Diablo will arrange for religious protesters to take to the streets warning about the dangers of her return and teasing the game's release date.
"Lilith Is Coming and Hell Will Follow" 
"Her return is eminent. Repent"
"She will come for us all."
Billboards will also tease the official release date of Diablo IV. 

Merch Extension: The Devil's Music

To culminate the campaign, Diablo will release Lilith's debut album in the form of a limited vinyl record placed in grungy record stores across the country. When the songs are played in reverse they'll expose early access and cheat codes to the game. 
CW: Claire Mirsky
AD: Tommy Aliota
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