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Most major car manufacturers are pushing their EV line-ups.. So, how do we get Volkswagen to stand out from the rest? Easy. We’ll tap into the ethos of their most iconic vehicle (the VW Bus,) and make ID.Buzz test drives bookable through Airbnb road-trip experiences.

Sign Up & Drive

To spread the word the Buzz is ready for test drives, we’ll hijack the Airbnb Categories campaign with the all new VW Buzz Category.

Book Your Buzz on Airbnb

The VW Buzz Category will feature decked-out custom Buzzes with descriptions of the adventurous test-driving experiences.
But this time, instead of a rep from the dealer on the passenger side, there will be a travel influencer serving as your trip leader.

Reels from the Road

For those who can't come along for a ride, the trip leaders will share the adventures on their stories.
Final VW Docu-Reels.png

Pit Stops:

As test-drivers take to the road, they’ll have a chance to stop at remote VW-branded charging stations, reducing the stigma that EVs can’t take long road trips.
VW Road Sign Beach.png
VW Road Sign Desert.png
Screen Shot 2023-10-10 at 1.06.36 AM.png
Mountain Charging Station VW.png

There's No Place Like Home

At the end of the trip, everyone will be able to enjoy the Buzz by booking a stay in one of the six Buzzes at national parks across the country.
CWs: Claire Mirsky, Anisha Yagnik

ADs: Tommy Aliota, Madeleine Dodson
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